Copyright and Safeguard Your Original Work

Our team will help you protect your creative work by providing you with legal rights and complete ownership over them.

  • Prevent piracy and unauthorized distribution of your work.
  • Get exclusive rights and ownership of your products.
  • It takes three simple steps to register your copyright application.

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Copyright Your Intellectual Property

It only takes a few moments to register your copyright for your valuable assets.

Copyright registration protects your work or creative property from unauthorized use by someone else and prevents piracy, copying and illegal distribution of them. With copyright registration, authors and creators get exclusive rights and ownership of their original works. Don’t let anyone use your intellectual property without your approval because it results from your efforts and skills.

Once you have registered your copyrights for your work, you will have legal rights and complete ownership of your work. So, if anyone tries to use your work with your consent, you can sue that individual or entity. There is a long list of things that you can copyright including, a literary work, visual arts, music, software, illustration or documentary.

What Can I Copyright?

Regal Law provides you with a long list of all kinds of intellectual property that you can register your copyright. It protects your valuable work in which you invested a lot of your time, money, and effort. The things you can copyright are:

  • Animations
  • Technical Drawings
  • Visual Arts
  • Software and Program
  • Works of Art
  • Literary Works
  • Photos
  • Audio Recordings
  • Composition / Lyrics
  • Songs
  • Websites
  • Maps
  • Motion Pictures
  • TV Shows
  • Scripts/Screenplays
  • Videos

Why Choose Regal Law ?

Regal Law enables you to exercise full authority over your brand or products by providing you with legal rights and protecting them from any theft and copying.

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Get Protection for Your Valuable Assets in Reasonable Pricing.

Registering your trademark and copyright will protect your brand and products from theft or copying. It keeps the authenticity of your business intact.

Basic Package

$149+ USCO Fees
  • Copyright your trademark online in as little as 7 minutes.
  • ✔ Direct-hit SearchDirect-hit search of the federal USCO database which will include exact matches for live and pending applications.
  • ✔ Federal E-Filing with USCO Electronic filing of your application with the USCO with no need to wait for mail or dealing with paper files
  • ✔ Electronic Delivery of your trademark application.
  • ✔ Review and confirm before filing
  • ✔ 24/7 secure online access

Deluxe Package

$249+ USCO Fees
  • Includes everything from the Basic Package PLUS:
  • ✔ Cease & Desist LetterA customer-specific form you can further customize if someone is infringing on your mark.
  • ✔ Transfer/Assignment Custom assignment template. If you need to sell or otherwise convey your mark, you have access to your pre-filled in template that you can further customize.
  • ✔ Trademark Monitoring (1 Month Included)Post-filing monitoring to notify you of possible infringers.
  • ✔ Domain names We search the most common top level domain names to see if anyone is using your name online.

Premium Package

$349+ USCO Fees
  • Includes everything from the Deluxe Package PLUS:
  • ✔ Private Registration Regal Law can ensure that your phone number and email address do not become part of the public record through the USCO online database
  • ✔ 24-hour Expedited Processing We will review, prepare, and file your trademark application within 24 business hours after receiving your order, a $49 value. Normal processing time is 5 business days in our Basic and Standard packages.
  • ✔ Receive detailed monthly reports We run a search for all corporate and other business entity names in all 50 states.
  • ✔ Domain names We search the most common top level domain names to see if anyone is using your name online.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Know the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services.

Registering your mark with USPTO will offer you protection for all these company’s assets like brand name, symbols, designs, logo, slogans, products, etc., on a national and international level. It also helps you establish your ownership rights and strengthen your claims if you take any legal action against someone for a trademark infraction.

If the Trademark Office objects to your application, it will send an official letter about it. It will include all the problems with your trademark application, and it will be obligatory to resolve those issues to continue the registration process. You will be obliged to reply to the Office Action letter and fulfil all the requirements within six months. Otherwise, USPTO will discard your application and won’t return your filing fee.

Before applying to register a trademark, it is wise to perform a comprehensive trademark search as it saves a lot of your effort, time, and money. There is a high chance that the trademark you are planning to register for yourself, someone has already registered a similar one. It is essential to check your trademark beforehand because it won’t be refunded once you have paid the USPTO fee.

The U.S Copyright office receives more than 650,000 applications every year, so it will take at least eight to nine months to notice your application. The Copyright Office might send you a letter, call, or email in the meantime.

Yes, U.S Copyright provides a long list of countries for which your copyright registration is valid.
Yes, you can copyright everything on your website, from content and design to coding. When filing for copyright, it is vital to submit the new version of your website because the U.S Copyright Office will only consider that version for copyright.