Extend Your Deadline with Statement of Use Extension Application.

If you require more time to file your statement of use application, our team will help you extend the deadline by filing an extension with USPTO.

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Simple and Fast Statement of Use Filing Process

It takes just three simple steps to file your statement of use application.


Fill Our Simple Online Questionnaire

Fill up our brief and simple online questionnaire to share all the important information we need to process your application..


Rechecking Information

Our team will thoroughly review your information to avoid any mistakes in your application.


Application Filing

Our team files your statement of use application with USPTO when all your documentation is complete.

Filing Statement of Use Extension
with Regal Law

Our team at Regal Law ensures that your application filing is complete and properly done, whether you have your serial number or not. We provide instructions at every step to help you fill our online questionnaire. Once your application is thoroughly reviewed, then we sign your filing. Our trademark professionals are always available at your services via chat, email, or phone.

Filing an intent to use application will help you show that you are already using a particular trademark in your business. Once you have established it, you can file a statement of use application to finally finish the process and register it. Our team prepares you to dominate among your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services.

Registering your mark with USPTO will offer you protection for all these company’s assets like brand name, symbols, designs, logo, slogans, products, etc., on a national and international level. It also helps you establish your ownership rights and strengthen your claims if you take any legal action against someone for a trademark infraction.

If the Trademark Office objects to your application, it will send an official letter about it. It will include all the problems with your trademark application, and it will be obligatory to resolve those issues to continue the registration process. You will be obliged to reply to the Office Action letter and fulfil all the requirements within six months. Otherwise, USPTO will discard your application and won’t return your filing fee.

Before applying to register a trademark, it is wise to perform a comprehensive trademark search as it saves a lot of your effort, time, and money. There is a high chance that the trademark you are planning to register for yourself, someone has already registered a similar one. It is essential to check your trademark beforehand because it won’t be refunded once you have paid the USPTO fee.

The U.S Copyright office receives more than 650,000 applications every year, so it will take at least eight to nine months to notice your application. The Copyright Office might send you a letter, call, or email in the meantime.

Yes, U.S Copyright provides a long list of countries for which your copyright registration is valid.

Yes, you can copyright everything on your website, from content and design to coding. When filing for copyright, it is vital to submit the new version of your website because the U.S Copyright Office will only consider that version for copyright.